You may see a generic icon for Agenday, and/or there may be no description or title “Agenday” next to it. Or you may see the Agenday icon with no description next to it. At this time, this is a known Apple bug that may occur with other watch apps as well. To fix, first try rebooting your iPhone. Upon re-opening the Apple Watch App, the Agenday icon and description should appear. If rebooting your phone does not resolve the issue, please try uninstalling the Agenday app and reinstalling it. First, hold your finger over the Agenday App icon on your phone’s home screen. When the app icons start to move, tap on the X over the Agenday icon. Then, re-download Agenday from the App Store on your phone. If, after re-installing Agenday, you still cannot see the app appear in the Apple Watch app, please contact Agenday support by emailing

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