iMeet Agenday syncs with all events shown in your phone’s calendar, so first, check to make sure your Outlook, Gmail, or other calendars are linked to the calendar on your device. If your native phone’s calendar isn’t showing events from your outside calendar(s) of choice, you can add them to your iPhone under Settings.

To do this, in the iPhone Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap Add Account; then, enter your account’s required credentials. For all of your linked accounts under the “Accounts” heading, we recommend you tap on the account and verify that the calendar line-item is selected to “On.”

If your desired calendars are linked to your iPhone, and appearing in the device calendar, it’s possible Agenday has them set as disabled. To check for this, follow these steps:

Tap the Menu button in the upper left on the Agenda List. Select Settings. From the list, select Calendar settings. Make sure your desired calendars are checked, then tap Done.

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