With group calling, you can create groups from your meetings or your phone’s contacts. Then, call all members of that group with a single touch. Call recipients will see that the call is coming from you, but they will be notified of the fact that it is a group call when they pick up. iMeet Agenday groups also allow you to connect with your group via text or email, and even schedule meetings with one touch.

When scheduling meetings, one option available to you is to make the meeting an iMeet Agenday Group Call. If you select this option on the Schedule Meeting screen, no one in your group needs to dial in to the conference call when it is time. Instead, all of their phones will ring when you as the organizer connects from iMeet Agenday. No one waits on hold with this option — their phone simply rings. If an invitee misses the call, they can look at the Scheduled Group Call invite and dial in traditionally.

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