Glances: iMeet Agenday for the Apple Watch helps you get through your day with a convenient watch Glance that shows you a time countdown until your next meeting. If you are finished with all of your calendar events for the day, the iMeet Agenday Glance will show you information about your first meeting tomorrow. No meetings today or tomorrow? You must be on vacation, so the iMeet Agenday Glance will show you the local weather.

Notifications: Also, iMeet Agenday will notify you on your watch of upcoming meetings. Any notifications you normally receive on your phone will also appear on your Apple Watch. You can customize the frequency of these alerts for both your phone and watch by navigating to iMeet Agenday’s Settings, then tapping “Alert time.”

Agenday App: From your watch’s navigator, tapping on the iMeet Agenday app icon takes you to an agenda-list view of your calendar similar to the phone app screen. Swipe up on today’s agenda to view all of your meetings for today, and swipe left or right to see your calendar for yesterday or tomorrow. Tap on any meeting to view that meeting’s full details, including meeting location, organizer, invitees and meeting notes.

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