Connect to meetings from notifications, send running late messages and use the iMeet Agenday custom watch face with iMeet Agenday for Android wear:

Join meetings directly from your watch: iMeet Agenday for Android Wear will pass meeting alerts from your phone to your watch. You will receive alerts for your meetings on both your watch and your phone. Tapping on any iMeet Agenday meeting notification on your watch automatically connects your Android phone to your conference call or web meeting, using the connection method set on the phone.

Send running late messages: You can also send running late messages to your meetings. If you’re running a few minutes late and would like to notify your next meeting’s participants, hold your watch up and say aloud, “Okay Google, start running late.” The iMeet Agenday running-late message screen will automatically open on your phone; tap Send from there to notify your meeting invitees.

Use iMeet Agenday Watch Faces: iMeet Agenday for Android wear features two custom watch faces you can set. To customize your watch face, press and hold the watch clock home screen, and scroll to iMeet Agenday’s watch faces. You can also change the watch face from the Android Wear app on your phone.

The blue iMeet Agenday watch face displays the time with sleek, minimal watch hands; in addition, the clock face shows your time in meetings blocked out during hours you are busy.

The iMeet Agenday weather watch face shows current local weather along with the time.

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