iMeet Agenday connects most conference calls with one touch, but occasionally passcode and dial-in sequences are listed in an inaccurate or unreadable sequence.

If you press the Call button, but hang up within a minute because your dial-in sequence did not connect properly, iMeet Agenday will ask you if something went wrong. On the popup prompt, you can try again to connect. If the call still does not work, please alert iMeet Agenday support by tapping on “Send iMeet Agenday a report.” Then, send the pre-populated email to iMeet Agenday support. Your information is confidential. Our team will review your dial-in info, make corrections, and follow up with you.

At any time, you can tap the Call feedback button to the right of the Call button to report a dialing issue to iMeet Agenday or send us feedback.

Category: iPhone

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