Sync your Salesforce® Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Developer Edition or Performance Edition account with iMeet Agenday and save time by logging sales calls and adding contacts on the go. To do this, tap the Menu button at the top left on the Agenda List. Select Settings, then Salesforce®. Tap Connect Salesforce, then enter your Login and Password. Once your Salesforce® account authenticates, you will see a blue Salesforce® cloud button on the Details screens of all your calendar events. Tapping this button allows you to select an Opportunity to log the call to. iMeet Agenday will also match the meeting attendees to your saved contacts within Salesforce®, and prompt you to save any new contacts to your Salesforce® records on the spot.

*Note: Salesforce® features in Agenday are not available for Contact Edition, Group Edition or Professional Edition.

Category: Linked accounts and services

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