iMeet Agenday automatically detects iMeet and GlobalMeet meetings in your calendar, and offers you the option to connect to those conferences using your iMeet or GlobalMeet mobile app. To do this, simply tap on the iMeet button or GlobalMeet button shown on the Agenda List or on a meeting’s Details. iMeet Agenday will automatically connect you through your iMeet or GlobalMeet app, or prompt you to download the app if you do not already have either app installed. If you wish to connect to these meetings through a regular phone dial-in, simply tap the green Call button instead.

If you are an iMeet customer, enter your iMeet password when you first log in to the app, or go to iMeet Agenday’s Settings, and select iMeet Agenday Account. Follow the prompts to enter your password to sync your iMeet room URL and dial-in info with iMeet Agenday.

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