First, pair your Apple Watch App to your iOS device. When you start up your Apple Watch, follow the directions on your watch and phone to properly link the devices. For troubleshooting, visit Apple’s support pages for Apple Watch.

Next, ensure you are running the latest version of iMeet Agenday on your iOS device. To check for updates or re-install iMeet Agenday, open the App Store App and tap on Updates, or search for “iMeet Agenday” and install.

Finally, open your Apple Watch app on your phone, and enable the iMeet Agenday Glance by tapping on “Glances.” Find iMeet Agenday on the list and tap on the green icon to include iMeet Agenday in your watch glances.

You can also tap on “App Layout” in the Apple Watch app to find and reposition the iMeet Agenday icon on your watch’s App icon layout. We recommend positioning it near the center.

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