Having trouble connecting to a conference call?

iMeet Agenday connects most conference calls with one touch, but occasionally passcode and dial-in sequences are listed in an inaccurate or unreadable sequence. If your call does not connect properly, please alert iMeet Agenday support by tapping on the feedback button feedback-button in the upper right area of that meeting’s details screen. When prompted, please send the pre-populated email to iMeet Agenday support. Our team will review your dial-in info, make corrections, and follow up with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


iMeet Agenday will run on any Android Wear watch device, including the Moto 360 and LG SmartWatch. For a list of currently supported Android Wear devices, visit the Android Wear website. iMeet Agenday will not work with Pebble or Samsung watches running Tizen.

First, make sure you have downloaded the Android Wear App from the Google Play Store and successfully paired your watch with your phone. Next, make sure you have the most current version of iMeet Agenday for Android installed on your phone. The watch will automatically download any watch apps linked to apps installed on your phone; please allow a few minutes for syncing to complete. For troubleshooting when pairing, please visit the Android Wear support page.

You’ll know iMeet Agenday is ready when you see the two iMeet Agenday watch faces in the list of available clock faces on your watch (long-press the watch screen to change your watch face). Otherwise, you do not need to change any settings in iMeet Agenday on your phone for the app to pass notifications to your watch.

Connect to meetings from notifications, send running late messages and use the iMeet Agenday custom watch face with iMeet Agenday for Android wear:

Join meetings directly from your watch: iMeet Agenday for Android Wear will pass meeting alerts from your phone to your watch. You will receive alerts for your meetings on both your watch and your phone. Tapping on any iMeet Agenday meeting notification on your watch automatically connects your Android phone to your conference call or web meeting, using the connection method set on the phone.

Send running late messages: You can also send running late messages to your meetings. If you’re running a few minutes late and would like to notify your next meeting’s participants, hold your watch up and say aloud, “Okay Google, start running late.” The iMeet Agenday running-late message screen will automatically open on your phone; tap Send from there to notify your meeting invitees.

Use iMeet Agenday Watch Faces: iMeet Agenday for Android wear features two custom watch faces you can set. To customize your watch face, press and hold the watch clock home screen, and scroll to iMeet Agenday’s watch faces. You can also change the watch face from the Android Wear app on your phone.

The blue iMeet Agenday watch face displays the time with sleek, minimal watch hands; in addition, the clock face shows your time in meetings blocked out during hours you are busy.

The iMeet Agenday weather watch face shows current local weather along with the time.

First, pair your Apple Watch App to your iOS device. When you start up your Apple Watch, follow the directions on your watch and phone to properly link the devices. For troubleshooting, visit Apple’s support pages for Apple Watch.

Next, ensure you are running the latest version of iMeet Agenday on your iOS device. To check for updates or re-install iMeet Agenday, open the App Store App and tap on Updates, or search for “iMeet Agenday” and install.

Finally, open your Apple Watch app on your phone, and enable the iMeet Agenday Glance by tapping on “Glances.” Find iMeet Agenday on the list and tap on the green icon to include iMeet Agenday in your watch glances.

You can also tap on “App Layout” in the Apple Watch app to find and reposition the iMeet Agenday icon on your watch’s App icon layout. We recommend positioning it near the center.

Glances: iMeet Agenday for the Apple Watch helps you get through your day with a convenient watch Glance that shows you a time countdown until your next meeting. If you are finished with all of your calendar events for the day, the iMeet Agenday Glance will show you information about your first meeting tomorrow. No meetings today or tomorrow? You must be on vacation, so the iMeet Agenday Glance will show you the local weather.

Notifications: Also, iMeet Agenday will notify you on your watch of upcoming meetings. Any notifications you normally receive on your phone will also appear on your Apple Watch. You can customize the frequency of these alerts for both your phone and watch by navigating to iMeet Agenday’s Settings, then tapping “Alert time.”

Agenday App: From your watch’s navigator, tapping on the iMeet Agenday app icon takes you to an agenda-list view of your calendar similar to the phone app screen. Swipe up on today’s agenda to view all of your meetings for today, and swipe left or right to see your calendar for yesterday or tomorrow. Tap on any meeting to view that meeting’s full details, including meeting location, organizer, invitees and meeting notes.

At this time, Apple Watch does not support custom watch clock faces. However, iMeet Agenday for Android Wear features iMeet Agenday Watch faces.

iMeet Agenday for Apple Watch allows you to view your day’s agenda and receive notifications for meetings, but you must connect to conference calls and web meetings through your phone device.

You may see a generic icon for Agenday, and/or there may be no description or title “Agenday” next to it. Or you may see the Agenday icon with no description next to it. At this time, this is a known Apple bug that may occur with other watch apps as well. To fix, first try rebooting your iPhone. Upon re-opening the Apple Watch App, the Agenday icon and description should appear. If rebooting your phone does not resolve the issue, please try uninstalling the Agenday app and reinstalling it. First, hold your finger over the Agenday App icon on your phone’s home screen. When the app icons start to move, tap on the X over the Agenday icon. Then, re-download Agenday from the App Store on your phone. If, after re-installing Agenday, you still cannot see the app appear in the Apple Watch app, please contact Agenday support by emailing