Having trouble connecting to a conference call?

iMeet Agenday connects most conference calls with one touch, but occasionally passcode and dial-in sequences are listed in an inaccurate or unreadable sequence. If your call does not connect properly, please alert iMeet Agenday support by tapping on the feedback button feedback-button in the upper right area of that meeting’s details screen. When prompted, please send the pre-populated email to iMeet Agenday support. Our team will review your dial-in info, make corrections, and follow up with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


By default, iMeet Agenday dials in to your conferences through your phone’s mobile service. However, you also can connect to iMeet, GlobalMeet, and GlobalMeet Audio conferences through your iPhone’s wireless internet connection.

iMeet Agenday offers a variety of methods to contact meeting invitees and organizers. You can send a Running late or Custom email or text message to some or all invitees. If you are the meeting host or organizer, you can also send a Meeting reminder email or text message.

From a meeting’s Details screen, tap on either the Email or Text message button. Select Running late, Custom or Meeting reminder (Meeting reminder will not appear if you are not the event’s organizer). If you selected the Email format, iMeet Agenday will prompt you to select message recipients. If you selected “Text message” as the format, iMeet Agenday will only text those selected attendees with contact information saved in your phone’s contacts. Tap Next to view the message in your phone’s email or messaging app. Finally, tap Send. Tap Next to view the message in your phone’s email or messaging app.

From the meeting’s Details screen, you can also quickly call, email or text the organizer; simply tap on a button near his or her name. (iMeet Agenday will only enable the call or text option if the organizer is saved in your phone’s contacts.)

Yes, you can create a new meeting invite or calendar item right in iMeet Agenday by tapping on the Menu button in the upper left corner of the Agenda list. Select Schedule meeting — iMeet Agenday will then ask you if you’d like to include a saved conference service, or enter a new one if you do not have any services saved. Then, enter in your calendar event info. To add invitees, make sure the desired Exchange calendar is selected. Tap Done to save the event.

Yes — it’s easy to add people to your meetings right from iMeet Agenday! In your meeting’s Details screen, tap on the Add person button. This will kick off your phone’s email app, which automatically has the calendar invite with all of the meeting details attached to the email. Enter a recipient and hit send. The recipient must double-click on the calendar attachment in the email to add the meeting to their calendar.

By default, iMeet Agenday will alert you of an upcoming meeting one minute beforehand. Tap on the notification or swipe over it from the lock screen to jump immediately into iMeet Agenday and join the conference. You can customize the appearance and timing of this alert, or add another alert even earlier before your meeting. To do so, follow these steps:

Tap on the Menu button in the upper left corner of the Agenda list. Select Settings, then Alert time. Tap First alert to turn off or modify the timing of the first alert, then tap Done to save your settings. Tap Second alert to turn off or change the timing of the second alert, then tap Done to save your settings.

iMeet Agenday syncs with all events shown in your phone’s calendar, so first, check to make sure your Outlook, Gmail, or other calendars are linked to the calendar on your device. If your native phone’s calendar isn’t showing events from your outside calendar(s) of choice, you can add them to your iPhone under Settings.

To do this, in the iPhone Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap Add Account; then, enter your account’s required credentials. For all of your linked accounts under the “Accounts” heading, we recommend you tap on the account and verify that the calendar line-item is selected to “On.”

If your desired calendars are linked to your iPhone, and appearing in the device calendar, it’s possible Agenday has them set as disabled. To check for this, follow these steps:

Tap the Menu button in the upper left on the Agenda List. Select Settings. From the list, select Calendar settings. Make sure your desired calendars are checked, then tap Done.

If you don’t like your phone’s native calendar’s alerts, and prefer to be alerted by iMeet Agenday, we recommend turning off calendar alerts from your iPhone’s calendar as well as any other third-party calendar apps. You can do this under your iPhone’s Settings:

Under Settings, tap Notification Center; then scroll down and select Calendar. Turn off Notification Center, select None for the Alert Style, and turn off View in Lock Screen. Repeat this process by selecting other apps from the “Include” heading.

iMeet Agenday connects most conference calls with one touch, but occasionally passcode and dial-in sequences are listed in an inaccurate or unreadable sequence.

If you press the Call button, but hang up within a minute because your dial-in sequence did not connect properly, iMeet Agenday will ask you if something went wrong. On the popup prompt, you can try again to connect. If the call still does not work, please alert iMeet Agenday support by tapping on “Send iMeet Agenday a report.” Then, send the pre-populated email to iMeet Agenday support. Your information is confidential. Our team will review your dial-in info, make corrections, and follow up with you.

At any time, you can tap the Call feedback button to the right of the Call button to report a dialing issue to iMeet Agenday or send us feedback.

iMeet Agenday will stay synced with your iPhone’s calendar, but may fall out of sync if you terminate the app or halt use for an extended period of time. Opening iMeet Agenday automatically updates your Agenda list and all notifications. For these purposes, we recommend that you do not terminate the app.

Use iMeet Agenday to locate calendar items quickly and easily using the Search feature. On the Agenda list, you can tap on the Main menu button, then select Search. Or, for even quicker access to Search, position your finger above the Datebar, and swipe downward. The top bar will reveal a search field – simply tap on the search bar to input keywords to locate meetings. Search results will appear in chronological order; swipe up on the list to view items in the future, or swipe down to reveal items from the past. Search results can cover a time period of up to one years’ worth of past and future calendar events.

Meet now allows you to initiate conference calls on the spot. Need to regroup with your team, or talk to a colleague with an assistant on the line? Tap on the Menu button and select Meet now. Select which saved conferencing service you’d like to use, or enter in a new service if you haven’t already done so. You can then send a text request to contacts with embedded one-touch information to join your conference right away. Or, skip the text message and connect directly to your conference bridge.

Yes – if iMeet Agenday detects a GoToMeeting®, WebEx® or other webmeeting URL in your calendar event, simply tap the blue Webmeetings button to connect to your conference. If your phone does not have one of these services’ apps installed, you may be prompted to install the app first.

iMeet Agenday does not hide or delete meeting conflicts during your day. The agenda list simply displays each event in chronological order; if multiple items are scheduled for any given hour, these will appear as individual line items in the list.

First, check your phone’s native calendar. Do you see the events there? If yes, check your phone’s native calendar’s Settings. You may wish to disable the display of one or more individual calendars, or remove events entirely. These changes should carry over to iMeet Agenday. If you do not see the events in your phone’s calendar, but they are still showing in iMeet Agenday, please re-open iMeet Agenday and see if the items update. If iMeet Agenday has not been opened in a long time, then most likely you are seeing cached events. You may also wish to check your phone’s Settings with regard to synced accounts; if you have recently changed your Exchange, Gmail or other account passwords, but have not updated the credentials in your phone, restoring these credentials may resolve the calendar events.

Free/Busy Polling allows you to schedule meetings for the date and time that works best for everyone. Select up to five open spots on your calendar and send to invitees, who then confirm or deny their availability for those options. Invitees can respond within the iMeet Agenday app itself, or on the web. iMeet Agenday will alert you when all invitees have responded. To then schedule, tap the calendar icon to schedule the meeting and your participants will receive a calendar invitation.

If you have received a Free/Busy Poll, someone wants to schedule a meeting with you and needs to know your availability. Reply by clicking on the Respond now button in the email, or respond in iMeet Agenday by navigating to Free/Busy from the Main Menu.

No, the Free/Busy Poll does not reveal your calendar to anyone, whether you are the host of a Poll, or an invitee.

Tapping on an organizer or attendee’s name from any event’s Details takes you to an Agenday profile for that individual. Agenday offers limited information about that individual, depending on information availability from the internet.

We apologize if Agenday is showing you the wrong information for a contact. To hide incorrect insights, please scroll to the bottom of the individual’s profile screen and tap “Wrong information?”. Agenday will hide profile insights for this person, and notify our development team of the error. (To undo this, simply tap “Show information”.)