Having trouble connecting to a conference call?

iMeet Agenday connects most conference calls with one touch, but occasionally passcode and dial-in sequences are listed in an inaccurate or unreadable sequence. If your call does not connect properly, please alert iMeet Agenday support by tapping on the feedback button feedback-button in the upper right area of that meeting’s details screen. When prompted, please send the pre-populated email to iMeet Agenday support. Our team will review your dial-in info, make corrections, and follow up with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


For iPhone users, iMeet Agenday will run on an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 6/6S/6+/6S+ installed with iOS8 or later. Android users can run iMeet Agenday on any device with KitKat (OS 4.4) or later.

Yes — dial in to calls with one touch from any country. Standard roaming fees and international connection charges may apply.

iMeet Agenday connects you to any conference call number or web meeting with one touch. You can also save your conference info with any service in iMeet Agenday, to quickly send meeting invitations with dial-in and passcode attached.

iMeet Agenday automatically detects conference numbers and passcodes in your calendar invites and enters them into your phone’s dialer, forever eliminating the need to remember 800 numbers and passcodes. To dial in to calls with one touch, simply tap the green Call button on a meeting’s Agenda list item or from a meeting’s Details. iMeet Agenday will connect via the dial-in number, then initialize the passcode. For best results, wait two to five seconds for iMeet Agenday to properly input the passcode. You will hear the usual voice prompting before you are connected to the conference.