Take control of your day.

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Save time by logging your sales calls and adding contacts directly into your Salesforce Premium account. And, this is a FREE integration. No in-app purchase required.

All your meetings in one place

Agenday by PGi intelligently combines your iPhone’s calendars, contacts and location to display all your meetings in a clean, simple interface, providing fast one-touch access to conference calls and web meetings, smart messaging to meeting invitees, customizable notifications and more.

One-touch dialing into any conference

Don't fumble with constantly changing dial-in numbers and pass-codes. The Agenday app automatically pulls your conference information and gives you one-touch entry to your conference call or web meeting.

Useful information and Content

Agenday analyzes your calendar and shows you expert meeting tips and information relevant to your day, including LinkedIn profiles of meeting participants. Now it’s easier than ever to be prepared and learn more about your contacts before your meetings start.

Lower Cost Conference Calls

Agenday saves you and your company money by automatically choosing the lowest-cost dialing option local number to dial-in to conferences* — all you have to do is tap.

*User remains responsible for all costs of a call from the applicable carrier/service provider (e.g. carrier fees, roaming fees and international connection charges)


Agenday lets you customize your meeting alerts to keep your day on track. stay on schedule. Running late to a meeting? With one touch, you can send smart messaging to attendees letting them know your status. And if you’re driving to your meeting, the app will give you turn-by-turn directions to get to your location.

Agenday — now available for Android

Now you can take control of your day with Agenday for Android. You get virtually all of Agenday’s smart calendar features plus a convenient widget that lets you view your agenda, dial-in to calls or message meeting attendees right from your home or lock screen.